What is a Multi spindle head?

In fact, it is the tool holder installed on the drilling and tapping machine tools, and it processes drilling parts or tapping parts at the same time with more than two spindles, so it is called multi spindle head.

A common multi spindle head with a common drilling machine can process several or even more than ten or twenty holes or threads at one time. If equipped with gas (liquid) pressure device, it can automatically fast forward, work forward (work backward), fast backward and stop.

Multi spindle head is also called group drill. The general model can drill 2-16 holes at the same time to greatly improve the efficiency. The number of fixed types of shafts is not limited. The form and size of drilling shafts can be designed and processed according to the needs of customers.

The main body structure of the multi spindle head series is composed of gear box and universal joint head, which is easy to adjust and limited by the hole distance gear. It saves the same time of adjustment, and also has less dead angle limit. It is suitable for processing workpieces close to the circular distribution hole. Its gear and bearing universal joints are all made of strong series, which are suitable for processing steel parts and other force occasions. In order to ensure the service life of the universal joint head, the moving range shall not exceed 15 degrees, which is equal to within 30m before and after the vertical.