What are the advantages of special purpose machine compared to machining centers?

Special purpose machine and machining centers each have their own advantages and are suitable for different machining needs. The following are some advantages of special purpose machine over machining centers:

1. Higher precision: special purpose machine usually have more precise positioning and can achieve higher accuracy in specific machining processes. In some special product processing processes, special purpose machine can usually process parts that meet the requirements more accurately.

2. Higher production efficiency: special purpose machine are generally developed and designed according to specific processes, so they usually have higher production efficiency. These machine tools can often be used for large-scale manufacturing production and can also help manufacturers reduce production time.

3. Higher controllability: the tools and cutting tools on special purpose machine can usually be more precisely controlled, which can help manufacturers achieve better machining results. Moreover, because the machine tools are developed according to specific processes, all parameters can be finely adjusted to obtain better machining quality.

4. Lower maintenance costs: special purpose machine usually undergo long-term development and testing, and the manufacturer will provide machine tools with long life characteristics, so the probability of maintenance is lower. Moreover, the maintenance of special purpose machine is relatively easier, which is very advantageous for reducing production costs.

In conclusion, the choice between special purpose machine and machining centers should be based on specific machining needs and product requirements, and they each have their own strengths and weaknesses.