How to tapping multiple holes at once?

There are several methods for tapping multiple holes at once, but a few common approaches include using a multi-spindle tapping tool, a self-guiding tapping attachment, or a tapping machine with multiple spindles. Here are some tips for each method:

Multi-spindle tapping tool: This is a device that has multiple taps arranged in a row that rotate at the same time. The tool is held in a drill chuck and the spindle is turned by a drill or tapping head. To use the tool, you simply position it over the holes you want to tap and apply pressure. The taps will cut threads simultaneously in each hole. Make sure to use cutting fluid to lubricate the taps and reduce friction. This method works well for smaller holes that are close together.

– Self-guiding tapping attachment: This type of tool is designed to tap multiple holes at once with a single tap. The tool has a guide bushing that fits over the holes, ensuring that the tap stays aligned and perpendicular to the workpiece. This method is best for larger holes or holes that are farther apart, since the guide bushing keeps the tap from wandering.

Tapping machine with multiple spindles: A tapping machine is a dedicated piece of equipment that is designed to tap holes quickly and accurately. Some models have multiple spindles, which allows you to tap several holes at once. To use the machine, you simply load the workpiece onto the table and position the spindle over the first hole. The machine will then automatically tap each hole in sequence. This method is the fastest and most accurate, but also the most expensive.

No matter which method you choose, be sure to use the correct tap size and pitch for the holes you are tapping, and take care to avoid breaking the taps or damaging the threads.