Power head Classification

Power head is a kind of power mechanism which provides spindle rotation, spindle feeding and returning. It is widely used in the combination of machine flavor, and the unitary set of multi axis machine can realize the multi hole, multi face and multi direction drilling, chamfering and tapping. It can solve the problems of low processing efficiency, high processing cost and large labor force.

Power head can be divided into Self feeding drilling unit, Tapping unit and Boring/Milling Spindle Head according to its application.

1. Self feeding drilling unit: it adopts the pneumatic driving spindle to move the cutter forward and backward and the motor belt to move the main force. It is usually used together with the multi spindle head to realize the simultaneous processing of holes. It is mainly used in drilling.

2. Tapping unit: it adopts the motor driven guide screw to drive the spindle rotation and the spindle move in and out, so as to realize the equal pitch move in and out of the cutter and the spindle rotation during tapping. It is usually used together with the multi spindle head to realize multi hole simultaneous processing. Mainly used in tapping

3. Boring/Milling Spindle Head: to use the motor to drive the spindle to rotate, the spindle has high precision and good rigidity. Usually used with servo / pneumatic slide. It is mainly used in milling and boring operations.