Special Machine Tool

At present, a large number of machinery factories have widely used special machine tools to improve labor productivity. Special machine tools are designed and manufactured for one or several specific workpieces to complete certain specific processes. When the structure of the workpiece is improved or the product is updated, such special machine tools can not adapt to it. They must be redesigned and manufactured. The special machine tools for daily production adopt the single-piece production mode, which has a large amount of labor and high cost. In order to solve the above problems, modular machine tools have appeared.

The modular machine tool is a high efficiency special machine tool which is composed of a large number of common parts and a small number of special parts.
Modular machine tools are widely used in a large number of industries, such as automobile, tractor and other manufacturing industries. At present, modular machine tools are developing towards flexible direction with high efficiency, high precision and high automation.
The basic theory and method of metal cutting machine tool design are also applicable to modular machine tool design. Because of the particularity of modular machine tools, when discussing the design of modular machine tools, it is necessary to highlight the overall scheme design.