The Use Characteristics of Two Kinds of multi spindle heads

Multi spindle heads can be divided into fixed type and adjustable type. Now let’s talk about the characteristics and points for attention of these two types of multi spindle heads in use.

1. The adjustable spindle heads is composed of gears and universal joints. The adjustable distance is very convenient and not limited by gears. In order to ensure the service life of universal joints, the moving range of the adjustable spindle heads should not exceed 15 degrees, which is equal to less than 30 mm before and after perpendicularity. Fixed spindle heads has relatively fixed shaft spacing and good processing stability.
1. It can avoid the loss of product damage caused by adjustment errors.
2. Drill bits of different sizes or taps with different spacing can be processed simultaneously.
3. For mass production of high-precision products, please use fixed spindle heads. Small size is more durable and accurate than movable type, and can reduce the time of adjusting the processing hole distance.
4. The number of fixed spindle heads is not limited. The size of drill shafts can be designed according to the needs of customers.
2. Fixed spindle heads with guide plate is accurate and durable. When replacing the workpiece, there is a lot of space to collect and pay conveniently, and it will not be hindered by the treatment tool and the model. The processed products are more accurate and the spindle heads is more durable. It is the most standard method of drilling and tapping teeth with spindle heads drill.
The V-shaped iron with hardened spindle heads fittings has a prop. The dial with dial gauge is clamped in the groove of the prop. It can slide up and down to adjust the dimension. The dial head is flat. When in use, the diameter of the hole processed after the first feed is measured, and the depth required for the tool head is calculated. Then the side head of the dial gauge is contacted with the tip of the tool, and the verbosity controls the amount of the tool head extension according to the dial pointer of the dial gauge.
The cutting speed of multi spindle heads chuck is generally 2-10 m/min. When the steel parts and the blade are wide, the cutting speed is small. Generally, the wide-edged finish planer does not feed, and directly planes the full width of the workpiece. When the wide plane is planed, the feed is generally less than 1/3 of the length of the straight edge. In the process of machining, the cutting depth is too large, so it is easy to gnaw the knife.