Characteristics of Fixed Spindle Head

Fixed spindle head is usually used with drilling machine or other machine tools, which can drill and tap multiple holes at one time, greatly improving the efficiency of drilling and tapping. According to whether the distance between any two spindles can be adjusted, it can be divided into fixed spindle head and adjustable spindle head. The fixed spindle head is still the most widely used in actual production. What are the characteristics of fixed spindle head? Now let’s discuss it together.

Fixed spindle head has the following characteristics:
1. The number of fixed spindle head shafts is not limited, the type and size of drill shafts can be designed according to customer’s needs.
2. Avoidable loss caused by product damage due to adjustment errors
3. Drill bits of different sizes or taps of different teeth can be processed simultaneously.
4. Small shape, strong and durable
Fixed spindle head device, Please add guide hole fixture, so that multi-spindle head can be easily aligned with the workpiece and improve product quality.
6. Distribution Size: It can be made into fixed type in the range of adjustable size.
7. With high processing accuracy and mass production of high precision products, please use a fixed spindle head machine with small shape, which is more durable and accurate than the adjustable one, and can reduce the time of adjusting the processing hole spacing.