Safe operation of milling power head

The following points should be earnestly done in the operation process of boring and milling power head:
1. When milling irregular workpiece and using vise, indexing head and special fixture to hold workpiece, the center of gravity of irregular workpiece and vise, indexing head and special fixture should be placed in the middle part of worktable as far as possible to avoid uneven force and deformation of worktable.
2. In fast or automatic feed milling, do not push the worktable to the extremes, so as not to squeeze the screw rod.
3. Motorized tool alignment is not allowed, and the corresponding movement of the tool is carried out.
4. When the worktable is reversed, the reversing handle must be stopped in the middle position first, and then reversed. No direct reversal is allowed.
5. When milling keyway shafts or cutting thin workpieces, the indexing head or working table should be strictly prevented from being damaged.
6. When milling plane with power head, the cutter head with more than four cutters must be used, and the appropriate cutting parameters should be selected to prevent vibration in machine tool milling.