Operation and Maintenance of Combined machine tool in Summer

Nowadays, the summer weather is getting hotter and hotter. People working in high temperature weather are harder. In this kind of weather, we not only need to pay attention to our own physical safety, but also take into account the safety of machinery and equipment. We should use and maintain them well. The combined machine tool is one of them. We need to pay attention to maintaining it and using it correctly in high temperature weather.
1. Four tires of four-wheel mobile combined machine tools should be more careful to prevent high temperature in summer. Pneumatic tyres are prone to burst at high temperature. If they are in use, they may be dangerous. Platform leg should be used correctly to prevent accidents.
2. In summer when the temperature is too high, we should pay more attention to the correct use of hydraulic oil for combined machine tools. Hydraulic oil is the blood of combined machine tools. When the temperature is too high, the oil will become very sparse, which will cause the climbing of lifting equipment or the sound of the cylinder, and even cause the damage of hydraulic pump to the hydraulic components and affect the normal use. Special attention should be paid to outdoor work.
3. Electrical components of distribution boxes should be inspected frequently. Originally, it is easy to generate heat for a long time. At high temperature, the temperature in the distribution box is higher, and it is easy to leak electricity. It is also possible that the heating of electrical appliances is burnt out, resulting in the failure of the equipment to work properly, which delays the production and causes unnecessary losses.
4. Running-in lubricant of axle sleeve of combined machine tool is easy to dilute and overflow from gap at high temperature, resulting in dry grinding of axle sleeve, which reduces the service life of equipment, and also makes platform produce abnormal sound. Lubricating oil should be added properly at this time. Extend service life. Helical combined machine tools create more and higher value for individual enterprises.