Borehole reaming by porous drilling machine

Reaming is the processing of cast or drilled holes on the workpiece by reaming drill with porous drill machine, which is used to enlarge the hole diameter and improve the processing quality of holes. Reaming can be used as the finishing process of holes with lower requirements, or as the pre-processing process before dumpling holes.
Compared with twist drill, reaming drill has the following characteristics:
(1) High accuracy, small surface roughness because of small cutting depth, narrow chips, easy discharge, not easy to scratch the machined surface, is conducive to improving surface roughness; because of small cutting depth, reaming drill core is relatively large, improving the rigidity of the drill, is conducive to improving the processing accuracy.
(2) The cutting edge of the high productivity reaming drill does not need to extend from the outer edge to the center, so the axial force is small, and a larger feed can be used. At the same time, there are 3-4 cutting edges on the reaming drill for cutting, which effectively improves the production efficiency.