Hydro speed regulator performance characteristics and application fields

Hydro speed regulator is to provide motion resistance, energy depletion movement of the device. Now in PURROS briefly introduce Hydro speed regulator characteristics.
1, fast dynamic response; resistance is big, and the dynamic response time is short.
2, controlled friction resistance small; frictional resistance is small, generally less than the rated load 1%-2%.
3, swing angles; the head, the tail is hinged joint bearing, allowing the swing angle of ± 6.
4, long service lives; using special hydraulic oil and sealing medium, stable performance, long service life.
5, high temperature resistant; Can work continuously under a temperature of 93℃, the short-time stability can be as high as 148℃.
6, anti-corrosion performance is good; all material is employed high quality material. Anti-corrosion performance is excellent.
7, compact structures and reasonable stress; compact structure and showed a symmetrical structure, small installation space, forces more reasonable.
Hydro speed regulator is a kind of speed sensitive reaction vibration control device; Hydro speed regulator is mainly suitable for nuclear power plants, power plants, chemical plants, steel mills etc pipeline and equipment vibration resistance. Often used to control the impact of the fluid turbulence of piping vibration and earthquake vibration; Hydro speed regulator for low- frequency amplitude -frequency or high amplitude vibration can’t be effectively controlled, drilling power head of the appropriate use spring shock absorber.