Multi-spindle heads Safe production operation

I. Production preparation of Multi-spindle heads
1. Diecasters entering production posts must wear good labor protection articles (clothing, trousers, shoes, hats, glasses, etc.).
2. Check whether water, electricity, gas and wind meet production specifications. Check the lubrication points of the equipment and inject lubricating grease according to the regulations.
3. Make preparations for other production: (tooling, technology, second-class tools, etc.). When all production preparations are confirmed to be complete, safe and reliable, the equipment can be started.
II. No-load Start-up
1. Open the start-up switch, wait for motor and oil pump to run for 1-3 minutes, then test the multi-axle machine function in no-load.
2. Manual operation of no-load test machine, check the electronic control cabinet, whether the program indicative signals are carried out in accordance with the program. Cotton yarn must be padded into the air compressor of the cold chamber. The punch must be unloaded when the hot chamber air compressor is injected.
3. Open the manual switch and test the machine without load (opening and closing die, core pulling, ejection, spraying, etc.).
3. Production and operation of Multi-spindle heads
1. Various parameters should be adjusted according to the process. Injection force, opening and closing time, solidification time, spraying time (times), ejection times, cycle time, electronic weighing, etc. The temperature parameters (nozzle, gooseneck and burden) are adjusted accordingly.
2. Preheating die and ladle spoon, preheating cold chamber die casting machine injection cylinder. It is forbidden to put cold ingot and water back into crucible.
3. Manual operation after removing the factors such as parting surface, nozzle and other harmful factors to the safety of others, single-piece trial production, and self-inspection products.
4. Verify that the product conforms to the drawings, the equipment conforms to the process regulations, and the single-cycle production can be carried out. Safety door should be closed during production. It is strictly forbidden to stand on the parting surface.
5. Fully automatic production. The product can be manufactured in large quantities only after it has passed the “three inspections”.
6. If faults are found in production, the machine should be stopped immediately for inspection and elimination, and the faults sheet should be filled in. The Multi-spindle heads can start production only after the faults are eliminated. If faults occur in production, the principle of “three must not be neglected” should be strictly implemented, and production records and accident reports should be filled in.
IV. End of Production
1. Shut down. Check water, electricity, gas and wind to ensure the smooth flow of water cooling equipment, when the equipment temperature is less than 50 degrees Celsius, water can be stopped.
2. Cleaning equipment is hygienic, adding grease to lubricating points should pay attention to anti-corrosion and anti-rust.