Operational considerations for Multi-tapping Machine

We know that many products need to be processed before they are sold. And we will inevitably encounter different materials in the process of processing materials. And in order to improve efficiency, our manufacturers will produce multi-head drilling machine and multi-head tapping machine and other products. It is precisely because different materials have different requirements for tapping, so we need to choose a multi-head tapping machine with good quality, high toughness, red hardness, deformation resistance and wear resistance. Usually we still have to do a lot of protection for the daily use of tapping machines. So, what should we pay attention to in our daily use?
We know that no matter what kind of processing machine, maintenance work is very important, so in peacetime we will have some attention to the maintenance of products here.
First of all, we also drain the air compressor of the multi-head tapping machine after using it for a period of time, which can be said to be done regularly. If there is no drainage, too much water in the air compressor will be carried into the pneumatic motor with the air flow. After a period of time, due to physical phenomena, the internal parts of the motor are particularly prone to rust, blockage, or even burn out. The final result is that the motor can not work properly. Then, it is necessary to make full use of the matching equipment of multi-tapping machine and effectively filter the moisture in the air pipe through pneumatic double-joint. If there is still a lot of moisture after filtration, we suggest that the manufacturer can make a special filter equipment so as to better filter and protect the machinery.
Finally, pay attention to the situation in the cylinder and see if it has been used up. After use, must be timely refueling, so that not only can ensure that the internal pneumatic motor can effectively carry out lubrication work, but also can ensure that the motor has a long life, has a durable feature.
This shows that our usual maintenance and maintenance of machines can not only prolong the service life of machinery, but also improve our work efficiency.