Customized Fixed spindle heads

Fixed spindle heads fixed way:
1, positioning screw fixed: two positioning screws gaps, to fix axis conduct for lock, the traditional fixed way, because Fixed spindle heads the front end and axes contact, may cause the axis of the damage or remove the difficulties.
2, clamping screws fixed: Using the hex bolt tightening force, contraction of the slit, and take the shaft tightly clamped. This way fixation and removal easy, and will not cause damage to the axis, is a very common fixed way.
3, keyways type fixed: suitable for high torque transmission, to prevent the axial sliding, usually associated with positioning screw and clamping screws use.
4, D word holes fixed: usually, If the motor is D fonts, If the positioning screw can not under the condition of fixed, can coupling hole processing into corresponding to the size of the motor shaft type D hole, fit positioning screws fixed, do not have to worry about slip.
5, expansion sleeve fixed: through tight coupling end of the four positioning screw compression the swelling fixed account set way, suitable for the large torque of stepping motor and servo motor coupling fixed, such as expansion sets of diaphragm coupling, expansion sets plum coupling, expanding set of corrugated pipe couplings, etc
Fixed spindle heads principle: the speed demand is not high, can use the installation of the same size of each shaft pulley drive with a triangle; for synchronous speed requirements, use gear drive. Load is small, can be used with synchronous belt and synchronous belt wheel.