Which parts belong to machine tool accessories?

Machine tool attachment is an accessory device used to enlarge machine tool processing performance and use range. It widely used in mechanical engineering.
Machine tool attachment has a lot of types, such as all kinds of shields, protective skirt curtain, dustproof plaiting, steel drag chain, machine tool work lamp, machine tool mat iron, adjustable plastic cooling pipe, vacuuming pipe, ventilation pipe, explosion-proof pipe, chip conveyor outside machine, deflection instrument, etc.
In addition more common machine tool attachment has suction cup, workbench, chuck, dividing head and so on,
1.Suction cup: It is to use magnetic force adsorbs and fixes ferromagnetic work piece.
2.Dividing head: It is installed in the machine tool will be divided into arbitrary equal parts of the tool, make use of calibration loop and vernier, locating pin and index plate as well as exchange gear, will put card on the top or chuck artifacts into arbitrary Angle, circle can be divided into arbitrary equal parts.
3.Workbench: It is made of high quality cold plate precision work produced, strong worktable frame, solid steady, bearing significant, the applicability is strong.
4.Chuck: It is commonly known as the elastic clamp or collet. Is a kind of cylindrical fixture used to imprisonment machine tool drill or milling cutter, also is a kind of fixed device used to fix reinforcement requirement transformation of parts.