Classification of Common Parts of Combined Machine Tool

According to the functions of common parts on combined machine tool, they can be divided into the following categories.
(1) Power components. Power component is a general component used to transfer power and realize working motion. In order to provide main motion or feed motion, it is the main general component of modular machine tools and their automatic lines. It includes power sliding table, power box, uniaxial head with various technological properties (such as milling head, drilling head, boring head, turning end head, etc.) and power head which can realize both main motion and feed motion.
(2) Supporting parts. Supporting parts are the basic parts of modular machine tools. They include side base, column base, column base and intermediate base, etc. They are used to support and install various parts. The relative position accuracy and stiffness of each component of modular machine tool are mainly guaranteed by supporting components.
(3) Conveying parts. Conveyor parts have positioning and clamping devices, which are used to drive the movement and rotation of fixtures and workpieces to realize the transformation of workstations. Therefore, higher positioning accuracy is required. The main conveying parts are mobile worktable and rotary worktable.
(4) Control parts. The control part is used to control the moving parts to ensure the working cycle of the modular machine tool. It includes a programmable logic controller (pc), a hydraulic transmission device, a control panel, a control bar and a button stand.
(5) Auxiliary components. Auxiliary components include positioning, clamping, lubrication, cooling, chip removal and automatic line cleaning machine and other auxiliary devices.