What are the ways to adjust the speed of milling head?

After the milling depth and feed of the milling head are selected, the milling depth and feed of the milling head shall be selected under the condition that the rigidity and durability of the milling cutter are allowed, and the larger milling speed shall be used as much as possible.

For the selection of milling speed, the material of workpiece should be considered, and the better the heat resistance of milling cutter, the higher the milling speed can be selected. The higher the hardness of the processed material, the lower the milling speed.

When processing stainless steel materials, because its strength and hardness are lower than ordinary steel pipes, but it is cold and hard, and easy to stick to the cutter, it will cause serious wear of the milling cutter. Therefore, the milling speed when processing stainless steel materials should be lower than that of ordinary steel pipes.

How to grasp the milling speed of milling head requires us to accumulate more experience in the ordinary processing. We should choose suitable milling speed for different materials, which not only improves the efficiency, but also reduces the wear degree of milling cutter.