Parallel Clamp: Fixation Attachment for Drilling and Tapping Units


Simplistic mounting block, with precision cross key-way. Most often used on common vertical/horizontal applications or where customers mill angle plates for mounting.

The “Parallel Clamp” is a jig for mounting round-bodied drilling unit & tapping unit parallel to the machine base. two types are ofered according to the axle centre height.

Parallel Clamps are used with the Model PR3P, PR32P, PR3PS, PRST3, PRST3-S, PRMT3, PR4P, PR4-GS, PR5P, PR5PS, PRST5, PRST5-S, PRMT5. they provide a simple, accurate and secure drilling unit & tapping unit attachment to the machine base. Crossing keyways on the bottom of the clamp provide accurate alignment.

Supported models

Name Model
Self Feed Drilling Unit PR3P, PR32P PR4P PR5P
Servo Feed Drilling Unit PR3PS PR5PS
Servo Feed Tapping Unit PRST3 PRST5
Screw Feed Tapping Unit PRMT3 PRMT5
Servo Drilling & Tapping Unit PRST3-S PRST5-S
Lead Screw Tapping Unit PR4-GS
Parallel Clamp Model LC-74 LC-92 LC-104


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