Flex Stand: Horizontal 3 Axis Angle Adjustment


Flex Stand: Horizontal 3 Axis Angle Adjustment (Base Support+Swivel Support)

“Flex Stand” is a jig for securing round-bodied drilling units and tapping units at any angle.

Flexible/adjustable mounting components engineered for 3 axis angle adjustment providing excellent rigidity.

Stand parts examples
There are many other Flex Stand models available.Various combinations can be selected depending on the machine layout.

Supported models

Name Model
Self Feed Drilling Unit PR3P, PR32P PR4P PR5P
Servo Feed Drilling Unit PR3PS PR5PS
Servo Feed Tapping Unit PRST3 PRST5
Screw Feed Tapping Unit PRMT3 PRMT5
Servo Drilling & Tapping Unit PRST3-S PRST5-S
Lead Screw Tapping Unit PR4-GS
Flex Stand Model US-742 US-922 US-1042


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