Reasons for the difference between tapping unit and drilling unit

When customers choose and purchase power heads, they often encounter questions from customers. Whether drilling and tapping only need to buy a tapping unit or a drilling unit can be universal.
In view of this situation, we will list the different principles of drilling and tapping to explain:
1. Different functions.
In the processing industry, drilling unit is mainly used for workpiece drilling, reaming, boring, countersink plane and so on. Customers have to choose the appropriate drilling unit according to the material and diameter of the workpiece to be processed.
The tapping unit is to continue processing threaded holes and toothgauges when the workpiece has processed the bottom hole.
2. Different speed
The speed of spindle is the biggest difference between drilling unit and tapping unit.
Drilling unit can use cylinder or oil cylinder as forward force, while tapping unit can not. It must set forward speed according to its own speed, and use sample gauge or gear as forward and backward force.
Therefore, in daily use, drilling unit and tapping unit can not process products at the same speed, so the same power head can not be used for drilling and tapping.