Spring Return Hydro Speed Regulator


Hydro speed regulator Spring Return Type are used primarily for standard drilling operations and are designed to automatically return to their position at the end of every drilling cycle.
With the RB spring return Hydro Speed Regulator, the piston rod is automatically returned to its original position by the built-in spring when the piston rod is no longer loaded.

PURROS® Hydro speed regulator (RB) Parameters

Model Max stroke Load range Adjusting range of speed Impact energy permitted Weight(Basic body)
Spring return type mm N mm/sec J Kg
RB-2415 15 120-1,500 F=120N    0.1-50
F=200N    0.2-20
F=500N    0.2-25
F=1,000N   0.3-40
F=1,500N   0.4-50
2.3 0.38
RB-2430 30 0.44
RB-2460 60 0.56
RB-2480 80 0.67
RB-24100 100 0.75
RB-24120 120 0.89
RB-3140 40 500-3,000 F=200N 0.1-10   F=1,500N  0.2-25
F=2,300N 0.3-35   F=3,000N  0.3-35
3.5 0.95
RB-3160 60 1.13
RB-31100 100 1.35

PURROS® Hydro speed regulator (RB) Size

Purros Machinery also have other models (Maximum Stroke:15-100mm, Load Range:120-3000n, Withstand Impact Energy:2.3-3.5j)

Purros Precision Hydro Speed Regulator is a kind of hydraulic type control device of feed speed that can adjust freely feed speed of air cylinder from low speed to high speed within the range of expectation. Ways of control includes spring return type; you can make a choice according to your requirements.

The piston rod will return to an original position autormatically when discharge the load of piston rod of hydraulic damper Model RB.

1. Compact structure, direction of installation is free.
2. Adopt full-sealed structure that isn’t required to fill with work oil; it can keep long-time and stable control function.
3. Quick load change only causes little change of control speed, it can get stable feed speed.
4. Feeding speed can be easily adjusted by speed control button.


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