Do you know how modular machine tools are processed?

Modular machine tools refer to special machine tools based on serialized and standardized general components with a small number of special components. It is suitable for processing one or more processes of one or several similar parts in mass production. The modular machine tool has the characteristics of simple structure, high productivity and high degree of automation.

Modular machine tool generally use multi-axis, multi-tool, multi-process, multi-facet or multi-station simultaneous processing mode, the production efficiency is several times to dozens of times higher than that of general machine tools. As the general components have been standardized and serialized, they can be flexibly configured according to needs, and can shorten the design and manufacturing cycle. Therefore, modular machine tools have the advantages of low cost and high efficiency, which are widely used in mass production and can be used to form automatic production lines.

Modular machine tools are generally used to process parts of box type or special shape. When processing, the workpiece does not rotate generally. Drilling, reaming, countersinking, reaming, boring, milling plane, cutting internal and external threads, and processing outer circle and end face are realized by the rotary movement of the cutter and the relative feed movement of the cutter and the workpiece. Some modular machine tools use turning head to grip the workpiece to rotate, and the tool moves in the feed. They can also realize the processing of the outer circle and end surface of some revolving parts (such as flywheel, half axle of rear axle of automobile, etc.).