Working Principle and Application Scope of Pneumatic Tapping Machine

Pneumatic Tapping Machine Working Principle :
Pneumatic tapping machine is driven by compressed air, safe, fast and efficient; small pressure and air volume (0.4-0.8 mpa), super-large torsion output;.It can tap various materials such as steel, iron, copper, aluminium, plastics and so on; barrel with overload protection device, tapping damage is less, screw tooth accuracy is high; operation is simple and portable, and no experience is required at all. Compared with CNC machining center, the processing cost is much lower with tapper or manual tapping in milling machine; heavier workpiece does not need positioning device or movement, and the working area is very large (radius 100-2100mm); positioning is fast and high cutting speed, increasing production; through hole or blind hole, tapping does not break; Vertical and horizontal (universal) angles can be tapped; processing range is large: (M4-M24). Product, guarantee of service life.
Pneumatic tapping machine is equipped with precise torsion drum clamp with overload protection device. Torsion cylinder clamp adopts the principle of automobile clutch, even if it is blind hole, there is no need to worry about twisting tapping. It can effectively control the twisting force to ensure that the tap is not easy to twist or damage. The accuracy of screw teeth reaches grade 7 or above, and there are no broken teeth or bad teeth when tapping through hole or blind hole.
Pneumatic Tapping Machine Application Scope :
Since the pneumatic tapping machine is facing the market, it has been deeply loved by users for its advantages of lightness, flexibility, high efficiency and irreplaceable by other similar equipment. It avoids the limitations of lathes, drills or manual tapping, and saves time, labor, teeth and taps. Its remarkable characteristics are widely praised and adopted by users. This machine is suitable for all machinery manufacturing industries. The mainland customers now cover machine tools, mould (factory) machinery, plastic machinery, printing machinery, packaging machinery manufacturers, construction machinery, automotive and motorcycle parts, aero-engines, locomotives and vehicles, tobacco machinery and general machinery industries.