What are the characteristics and points for attention of the adjustable spindle head in use?

Connect with drilling machine or motor etc. by using multi spindle head, it can drill multiple holes at one time, with high efficiency.

According to whether the spacing between arbitrary spindle can be adjusted, the multi spindle head can be divided into fixed and adjustable.

Because the adjustable spindle head is composed of gears and universal joints, the adjustable distance is very convenient and not limited by gears. In order to ensure the service life of universal joints, the moving range should not exceed 15 degrees, which is equal to about 30 mm before and after perpendicularity. Fixed spindle head has relatively fixed shaft spacing and good processing stability.

1. It can avoid the loss of product damage caused by adjustment errors.
2.Bits of different sizes or Tapping with different spacing can be processed at the same time.
3. For products with large batches and many specifications, drilling and tapping are widely used. If high-precision products are produced in large quantities, please use fixed spindle head. Small size is more durable and accurate than adjustable type, and can reduce the time of adjusting the processing hole distance.