Notes for operation of vertical drilling machine









Vertical drilling machine is widely used in practical applications, but in the process of processing must pay attention to the use of safety matters.

1. Before driving, we must check carefully according to the inspection points and lubricate according to the lubrication chart. Check whether the lubrication parts of the vertical drilling machine are in good condition, whether the cooling system is normal, whether the rocker arm is in zero position, whether the electric control switch of the operating handle is in the open position, whether the drill bit is firmly clamped, whether the protection device of the vertical drilling machine is in good condition and reliable, and can be operated after all checks are normal.
2. Tools must be installed correctly in the work. The drill sleeve of vertical drilling machine must meet the standards. The cone surface must be clean and no slip marks. The cone surface must be fixed on the workbench properly and firmly. When drilling holes, the cushion block must be placed on the low surface. When the motor feed is not used, the control nut must be pushed inward. In addition, the operation of equipment and lubrication system must be checked regularly in the work. If the operation and lubrication are not good, the use of equipment should be stopped.
3. When parking for more than eight hours before starting the equipment, the drilling machine should be opened at a low speed and idled for 3-5 minutes. After confirming that all parts are in good condition, the power supply should be disconnected before starting work.
4. The speed change of machine tools must be stopped. It is strictly forbidden to drive and change gears, chips should be removed when drilling deep holes, and machine tools must not be left in work.
5. Use standard inclined iron and copper hammer to tap slightly when unloading drill chuck, and do not use other things to strike indiscriminately. When long iron chips are wrapped around the drill bit, stop and clear them. It is forbidden to blow with wind or mouth, but it should be removed with brush and hook.
6. After working, the handle should be placed in the non-working position, the worktable should be lowered to the lowest position, and the power supply should be cut off. Clean up the equipment and the site civilized and hygienic, wipe the cooling water on the surface of the equipment clean.
7. Operators must strictly abide by the requirements for maintenance and use of equipment, and strictly prohibit overuse of equipment.