Hydro speed regulator performance characteristics

Hydro speed regulator is a kind of vibration control device sensitive to speed response. Hydro speed regulator is mainly applied to anti-vibration of pipelines and equipment in nuclear power plant, thermal power plant, chemical plant, steel plant, etc.

Hydro speed regulator performance characteristics:
1. Fast dynamic response: large damping force and short dynamic response time;
2. Friction control resistance is small: Friction control resistance is small, generally less than 1%-2% of rated load;
3. Swing angle: Joint bearing is used to articulate the head and tail, and the maximum swing angle is ±6°
4. Long service life: special hydraulic oil and sealing medium, stable performance, long sealing life hydraulic damper;
5. Working at high temperature: It can work continuously at 93 C, and its short-term stability can reach 148 C.
6. Good corrosion resistance: the main parts are made of high-quality stainless steel with good corrosion resistance.
7. Compact structure, reasonable stress: compact structure, symmetrical structure, small installation space, more reasonable stress.